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Banner ads are displayed on top, right side and bottom of every web page. Only five rotating positions are available for each location. These ads will be rotates one after another. The first priority is given randomly.

Price is depend on the location of the ad and it is as follows;

Top of the Page
This banner is a 90 pixels high and maximum 960 pixels in width for desktop monitors and laptops. When viewing on a tab or mobile phone, it is smaller to fit the device's display.

Price for this banner ad is LKR 2,000 for one day.

Bottom of the Page

This banner as is same as top of the page banner as in size, but displays at the footer of the page.

Price for this banner as is LKR 1,000 for one day.

Right side banner ad

This is a vertical banner ad of 90 pixels wide and 600 pixels high when viewing on a desktop monitor or a laptop. But when viewing on a mobile device, this ad becomes same as other ads - it resizes to fit the viewing media device's screen size.

Price for this banner ad is LKR 800 per day.

For more information on banner advertising on this site, please contact us using our contact form.

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